College Essay Topics

If you are looking for college essay topics, you are in the right place. These topics are practical and will help you in every way possible, even if you are planning to order essay writing at Here is a list that will help:

My Allergies Inspired Me

After going through a lot and almost dying at the age of five, my journey began. It started by healing anxiety and understanding more about PTSD. It brought interest in medicine and immunology. I do not want any other child to go through that; thus, I want to become an allergist.

My Foreign Exchange Experience

After staying with five families for 28 months, it helped develop some values; being open-minded, spending time with family, discipline, understanding, and appreciation.

Why the Chicken Crossed The Road

It is an essay I created; the question is, why did the chicken cross the road? The chicken realizes that her world is not all it seems. She must cross the road on the other side and know the purpose of life. At last, she may realize that the world is a beautiful and poor place she has ever known.

Faith Lost and Faith Found

Growing up, I used to hide my Muslim heritage and only choose to excel in Science. My faith formed through reconciling the two. One centers on the conviction of the human soul that endows the ethics.

A Hunger Strike in Palestine Turns Into a Purpose

 I have experience in supporting a hunger strike. It was in my native land. It made me watch my fellow students give up and lose in the blitz. Passion is vital, and it taught me more about social justice. Through all this, it inspired my ethical clothing company.

Lessons From My Pilgrimage to Mecca

It taught me that I am valuable, and family is vital at all times. It made me proud of my culture and heritage, language, and happy to take all that to college.

From Homeschool to the Football Field

I planned to play football in high school. I had to free my fear of social interactions and go for coaching instead.

My First Flight was Unsuccessful, But My Love Was Born

Having attempted at flight at the age of five, it did not end well. As I grew and became older, my passion grew. The love I have for engineering has taught me many positive values.

Poop, Animals, and the Environment

I do not mind what an animal does for me because my passion for them is more than what they do to me. The world has many environmental problems, and I am ready to make an impact and difference.

Where I’m Home

I feel at home whenever I am. Whether its spending time, eating, working, or doing any other activity.

Easter, Travel, and Dad

My father was abusive. Despite him not wanting me to go abroad, I found my independence. I plan to pursue a career in International Relations to help women know who they are.

My Cosmetic Journey

My interest in cosmetics was an obsession. Through a lot of research, I am now a community leader and advocate for testing cosmetics and also labeling them.