A Guide on Developing Essay Titles

The significance of an excellent essay cannot get any better mention due to its role in impacting a student’s academic excellence. A title plays a crucial role in shaping an essay piece as it can break or make an essay piece. However, most students have not mastered the art of creating excellent titles for their articles. So how can a student title an academic essay?

An essay article differs significantly from academic research and therefore, the type and process of titling also differ significantly. Subjects for essay articles aim to capture and draw the audience into the content of the piece and therefore need catchy articulation, unlike academic research pieces. 

Developing Essay Titles

Every learner should understand the concept of developing an effective essay subject. It involves the aspect of brainstorming to come up with a title that will draw in a reader, and make them understand the general gist of the essay piece. The topic should represent the whole essay concept clearly and concisely. Further, ensure that the title comes out as brief but effective as possible. 

A learner should ensure that a title they pick proves attractive, believable, easy for the targeted audience to read, short, and in an active voice. Additionally, make sure that the title proves as accurate as possible. Further, consider observing the following rules to ensure your title comes across as catchy as possible.

  • It would help if you can make a title for each section in your write-up so that your paragraphs get a distinct identity. Titling the text also makes your work look clear and ordered.
  • Ensure that your title bears the text’s theme by summarizing the essay piece.
  • You can capitalize every word with specific exceptions. Consider capitalizing the initial letter of each word forming the title but avoid capitalizing prepositions, articles, conjunctions, and prepositions. 
  • Shun underlining your title as they come already boldfaced, and underlining can overemphasize. You can avoid boldfacing when you elect to underline. 
  • Review your final title version and edit where necessary, especially when it comes to grammar, spelling, structure, etc.

Students should consider other primary principles when developing a title by writing the essay first before coming up with a title. Such a strategy can enable an individual more time to craft the outline of an essay, doing research, and the actual write-up work. You should also take into account the paper’s style, especially on the tone. You need to also keep the title simple and short besides using relevant words. Further, you can incorporate some sort of SEO to enable you to realize some benefit. Finally, seek assistance online, especially those that can generate titles when you can’t seem to find it right.

Title-writing entails a process and one needs to consider it as a process. You can equate your essay writing to painting where you have a vast amount of space to elaborate on your concept while the title encompasses something different. With a title, you must condense your essay’s entire message into a simple, catchy, brief, and clear phrase.


A title qualifies as an integral part of your entire essay and therefore, careful thought, work, and time must get dedicated to coming up with one. Take as much time as you want and avoid rushing when it comes to developing a title as long as the submission timelines allow.