Creative Suggestions for Students Writing Essays in College

In college, students often get assignments to write essays on different topics. Sometimes, students are allowed to choose topics for their papers on their own. In such a situation, it’s recommended to be creative and come up with an attention-grabbing subject to write about. If you cannot generate a great idea without getting some inspiration, a list of interesting sample topics should be of use to you.

A Collection of Creative Prompts for a College Essay

  • The most embarrassing moment of your life and its effect on your personality.
  • The ways you’d use telepathy if you had such a supernatural talent.
  • The invention that shouldn’t have been ever invented.
  • The influence of your neighborhood on your personality.
  • The most important and influential social movement of the previous century.
  • The best advice that you’ve received and a person who has given it.
  • The era in the past you’d travel to if you had a time machine.
  • The animal you’d like to be if you hadn’t been born a human.
  • The person from the human history whom you’d like to have a conversation with.
  • The moment in your life that you’d change if you could.
  • The movie that had a great influence on your worldview.
  • The time when you’ve failed to achieve your goal.

Making Use of Essay Examples to Improve Your Writing

For some students, it’s difficult to write good papers even if they have great topics to discuss. If you don’t know how to approach your writing task and structure your paper, you may take a look at well-written sample papers. Fortunately, there are many places where you may get the needed examples:

  • Your teacher.
  • It’s likely that your teacher has the copies of successful papers composed by their students in the previous years. If you ask them, they should provide you with a few of these papers as examples.

  • The library of your college.
  • This place should also store a lot of academic works created by students. Here, you may get as many examples as you want. However, it’s not advisable to use the papers that have earned low scores as samples.

  • Your friends from college.
  • Other students are likely to get similar writing assignments. Maybe, some of them already have good templates to rely upon. If you ask them, they’ll share their examples with you for free.

  • Academic centers.
  • In centers where students can sign up for writing courses, there should be plenty of professionally written examples. It’ll cost you money to acquire such sample papers, however.

  • Online libraries.
  • On the web, you can find many different databases that store academic works written by different students. If you prefer to download examples from the Internet, this option should be suitable for you.

  • College student forums.
  • You may create an account on a forum where students from different colleges communicate with each other. If you ask the members of such an online community for help, you should get plenty of free samples.

  • Online academic writers.
  • If you want to get professionally written examples on the web, you may contact freelance writers and ask them to sell you some of their old works. Since you won’t ask them for original papers, the prices shouldn’t be high.

Now that you’ve taken a look at a selection of interesting topics for college papers, it should be much easier for you to generate a brilliant idea for your own academic text. Remember that it’s highly advisable to write about something that is really interesting to you. If you choose a boring topic, you aren’t likely to put much effort into your work. As a result, your paper won’t impress your teacher and your score will be rather low.

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