Thirteen University Essay Subjects and Prompts

Writing an essay is one of the application requirements for many universities. Having an influential paper boosts the chances of getting a spot in the school. Here are some of the common prompts with tips on how to respond to them.

  • Describe a Feature or an account that is Vital to your Personality. 

Try highlighting your unique features and how these features will contribute to the college. Avoid popular stories like your talents, identify something unique and special about yourself.

  • Tell us about a Failure in your life and how it affected you.

It is essential, to be honest, even with stories that make you vulnerable. In such articles, a conclusion that shows how that failure guided you in making decisions and facing such situations is a plus for you.

  • Write about a Period where your initial view of the world shifted, why you did it, and if you would for a second time.

You can write about a time where you respected other people’s opinions that conflicted with your point of view. It brings out a humble personality.

  • Tell us about a Challenge (big or small) you want to resolve, or you are facing.

Showcase your creativity by writing about a creative enigma. It shows your interests and passion for specific problems.

  • Write about one instant that showed your transition from childhood to adulthood.

Writing about exceptional and significant events instead of unimportant ones will make your essay more engaging.

  • Write an essay about your favorite show or book where the leading character makes a tough decision. What was your take on the decision they made?

For authenticity, use a movie or book that you enjoyed avoiding popular books or movies.

  • Describe your top ten list.

For this type of article, pick ten things you are passionate about. They can be memories, quotes, or books as long as they are things you love.

  • What things have you changed your Perspective about in the last two years?

It is okay to be serious or silly about this type of article. Make sure your perspective before and after-perspective is part of the essay.

  • Tell us about your long-term goals.

Try answering this prompt with a personalized twist instead of the usual family and career goals. Write about your own goals as an individual, including fun things you wish to do in life.

  • What makes our university your first choice?

Make your argument as unique as possible by discussing specific aspects. By mentioning those aspects, your article stands, out and the reader sees your sincerity.

  • What Accomplishment are you aiming at in College?

Focus on a maximum of two achievable goals in terms of activities and interests that you are enthusiastic about.

  • Select a Subject of Your Choice and Write an Essay

For such a prompt, one can choose a subject that they used for another application and make a few changes to fit this particular school. 

  • Tell us about an embarrassing experience and the lessons learned from the experience.

Sharing a humorous experience is okay but, have an earnest transition when it comes to the lesson learned. 


With a prompt essay as a requirement, many people shy away from applying for a spot at the University of their choice. With the tips above, you are sure to impress the readers and win yourself a place in a university of your choice.